What are legal advocates and ORGANIZERS saying?

Public interest lawyers, public defenders, and advocates fighting for working-class New Yorkers know that Madeline Singas's appointment to the Court of Appeals would be a disaster and are demanding that the New York State Senate stop Singas from taking the bench.

Help us block Cuomo's worst judicial appointee yet. Save New York from this out-of-touch, regressive prosecutor by convincing the State Senate to prevent Singas from becoming a judge on our state's highest court.

Scott Hechinger

Criminal Justice Advocate


Executive Director, Civil Rights Corps


Activist Organization

senators salazar, riverA, brisport, and sanders announce opposition to singas

Senator Gustavo Rivera announces opposition
Senator Jabari Brisport announces opposition
Senator James Sanders Jr. announces opposition
Senator Julia Salazar announces opposition

law professors oppose nominations of singas and cannataro

Open letter to Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, asking that the Senate not confirm either nominee, signed by 45+ law professors

40+ Organizations oppose Singas nomination

Open letter to Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, asking that the Senate not confirm either nominee, signed by 40+ organizations

UAW Region 9A opposes Singas nomination

UAW Region 9A, which represents the Society of Legal Aid Professionals of Nassau County, issues statement opposing the nomination of Madeline Singas to NY Court of Appeals


New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys statement opposing Madeline Singas - NYSACDL
"The New York Senate Should Reject Cuomo’s Nominees to the State’s High Court" - Slate
Criminal defense lawyers oppose DA's nomination to state's top court - The Capitol Pressroom
Progressives Mobilize to Block Cuomo’s Tough-on-Crime Pick For Highest NY Court - NYS Focus
Singas' Staff Trains DAs on Loopholes to Keep People in Jail Despite New Bail Law - City and State NY
Singas Justifies Officers Who Went Viral for Punching, Tasering, and Cursing out Their Detainee - Newsweek

We can stop Singas's nomination—if enough New Yorkers speak out now.


We need your support to convince the State Senate to block Singas from undoing years of criminal justice reform. Please sign your name to the letter.  Fields marked with asterisks are required; others are optional.

Thank you for signing onto the letter to stop the nomination of Madeline Singas.

Please share StopSingas.com widely, and please call Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins at 518-455-2415 and your state senator.

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Alan Rosenberg
Brooklyn Defender Services
Onyx Starrett
Former NCLAS and BDS attorney
Henry Prine
Brooklyn Defender Services
Stephany Betances
Brooklyn Defender Services
Sarah Burleson
Brooklyn Defender Services
Sara Maeder
Brooklyn Defender Services
Peer Deutsch
Brooklyn Defender Services
Emma Schindler
Brooklyn Defender Services
Hannah Mccrea
Brooklyn Defender Services
Darius Wadia
Brooklyn Defender Services
Olivia Forbes
Registered Nurse
Elizabeth Forester
Brooklyn Defender Services
Susan Bryant
New York State Defenders Association, Inc.
Theodore Hastings
former Nassau County Legal Aid Society
Eliza Miedel
Brooklyn Defender Services
Jennifer L. Van Ort
My Le
The Bronx Defenders
Alice Markham-Cantor
Stephanie Pope
Public Defender
Rebecca Saletan
Indivisible Harlem
Kathleen Wiltsie
Barbara Walsh Walsh
Hudson Valley Strong Indivisible, Beacon Prison Rides/action, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Jack Brewer
Legal Aid Society
Benjamin S Yost
Cornell University
Kay Gabriel
Racial Justice Working Group, NYC-DSA
Grainne E. O'Neill
Émilia Decaudin
Queens County Democratic District Leader
Peter K Cavanaugh
Benjamin Gerson
Federal Defenders
Pauline Syrnik
Legal Aid Society
Kristin Mcalpin
Former Nassau County Legal Aid Society
Donald Frazier
Attorney at Law
Kevin Dunshee
David Hanyok
The Bronx Defenders
Margaret Cardenas
John Craver
KCDCC member, AD43, ED85
Elsie Chandler
Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Kim Kaiser
Alice Fontier
David Ressler
Christopher J Wegan
Randal Wilhite
New York Legal Assistance Group
Thomas Eddy
Drew DuBrin
Monroe County Public Defender’s Office
Ri Marchessault
Court Watch NYC
Hilarie Ashton
Court Watch NYC
Sarah Young
NY State Bar Association
Margaret Taylor
Legal Aid Society
Daniel Curbelo Zeidman
The Bronx Defenders
Ian Zelos Spiridigliozzi
Legal Workers Rank & File
Joseph DeMatteo
NYS Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Alan Rosenthal
Law Office of Alan Rosenthal
Luz Beato
The Bronx Defenders
James Litkett
Now We Rise
Richard Scott
Indivisible Harlem, Working Families Party
Andrew Dona-Couch
Kings County Democratic County Committee
Jordan Teicher
Brandon J. Holmes
Freedom Agenda
Edward Franco
Legal Aid Society
Daniel Shin
Queens County Democratic County Committee
Thomas L Bantle
Attorney, Retired
Elmer Flores
NY02 Indivisible
Jill Paperno
Diana Rodin
Kings County Democratic County Committee
Danielle Brecker
Empire State Indivisible
Ricky Silver
Empire State Indivisible
Daniel Wachtell
Law Office of Daniel F. Wachtell
Arelis Sierra
Stephanie Cordero
Karine Suskin
Mike Shaffer
Dana Shaw
William Ross
Astrid Aune
Oona O’Brien
Haldan Blecher
Jeremy Cohen
Nicolette Suberska
Cordana Dingley
Arielle Agee
Abby Shuster
Nell Hirschmann-Levy
Bridgette Bissonnette
Gregory Herrera
Jane M Spinak
Sam Young
Sophie Dalsimer
Lindsey Smith
Tom Cummings
Matt Summers
Sarah Cummings
Sarika Andavolu
Wendy Brandes
Maria Kasper
Samuel Ryan Bowman
Michael Way
Henry Robinson
Diane Stark