What are legal advocates and ORGANIZERS saying?

Public interest lawyers, public defenders, and advocates fighting for working-class New Yorkers know that Madeline Singas's appointment to the Court of Appeals would be a disaster and are demanding that the New York State Senate stop Singas from taking the bench.

Help us block Cuomo's worst judicial appointee yet. Save New York from this out-of-touch, regressive prosecutor by convincing the State Senate to prevent Singas from becoming a judge on our state's highest court.

Scott Hechinger

Criminal Justice Advocate


Executive Director, Civil Rights Corps


Activist Organization

senators salazar, riverA, brisport, and sanders announce opposition to singas

Senator Gustavo Rivera announces opposition
Senator Jabari Brisport announces opposition
Senator James Sanders Jr. announces opposition
Senator Julia Salazar announces opposition

law professors oppose nominations of singas and cannataro

Open letter to Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, asking that the Senate not confirm either nominee, signed by 45+ law professors

40+ Organizations oppose Singas nomination

Open letter to Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, asking that the Senate not confirm either nominee, signed by 40+ organizations

UAW Region 9A opposes Singas nomination

UAW Region 9A, which represents the Society of Legal Aid Professionals of Nassau County, issues statement opposing the nomination of Madeline Singas to NY Court of Appeals


New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys statement opposing Madeline Singas - NYSACDL
"The New York Senate Should Reject Cuomo’s Nominees to the State’s High Court" - Slate
Criminal defense lawyers oppose DA's nomination to state's top court - The Capitol Pressroom
Progressives Mobilize to Block Cuomo’s Tough-on-Crime Pick For Highest NY Court - NYS Focus
Singas' Staff Trains DAs on Loopholes to Keep People in Jail Despite New Bail Law - City and State NY
Singas Justifies Officers Who Went Viral for Punching, Tasering, and Cursing out Their Detainee - Newsweek

We can stop Singas's nomination—if enough New Yorkers speak out now.


We need your support to convince the State Senate to block Singas from undoing years of criminal justice reform. Please sign your name to the letter.  Fields marked with asterisks are required; others are optional.

Thank you for signing onto the letter to stop the nomination of Madeline Singas.

Please share StopSingas.com widely, and please call Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins at 518-455-2415 and your state senator.

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Katherine Mechner
Brooklyn Defender Services
Devontae Torriente
People's Parity Project
Lindsay Long-Waldor
Brooklyn Defender Services
Xhoana Ahmeti
CUNY School of Law
Jennifer Kehoe
Ontario County Public Defender Office
Bridget Kessler
Brooklyn Defender Services
Brian Holbrook
Brooklyn Defender Services
Ambika Panday
Brooklyn Defender Services
Dan Kieselstein
Brooklyn Defender Services
Justine Brennan
Brooklyn Defender Services
Lucien Baskin
City university of New York
Jo L Sotheran
LSF Services
Elizabeth-Ann Tierney
UAW Local 2325 - Association of Legal Aid Attorneys
Atusa Mozaffari
Anjuli Branz
Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Jodi R Smith
The Legal Aid Society
Rochelle Berliner
Aurora Maoz
The Legal Aid Society
Melanie Case
Sabina Pringle
CUNY School of Law, City University of New York
Tine Byrsted
Uptown Progressive Action
Charlotte Forrester
Charlotte Forrester
Margaret Mccarthy
Brooklyn Defender Services
Hannah Tom
Andrew Bernstein
Partner, Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP
Jan Combopiano
Indivisible Brooklyn
Jerry Ader
Genesee County Public Defender
Renee Hill
Slap - Society Of Legal Aid Professionals Of Nassau County
ALAA Local 2325
Andrew Eibel
Legal Aid Society (Retired)
Clement Stormes
CUNY School of Law
Alan Lewis
New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers/ Chair, Judicial Screening Committee
Marie Calvert-Kilbane
New York County Defender Services
Laura Fiorenza
Onondaga Cty Bar Assn. Assigned Counsel Program
Mark M. Baker
The Baker Law Firm for Criminal Appeals PLLC
Joe Scroppo
Forensic Psychology Consulting PLLC
Jeremiah Rygus
Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Brad Mazarin
Glenn R Bruno
Bruno Glenn Esq
Michael Litman
Law Office of Michael D. Litman, PLLC
Lisa Freedman
Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Alyssa Aguilera
Bret J. Taylor
UAW Region 9A New York Area CAP Council
Johari Frasier
NYC People's Parity Project
Pooja Patel
CAMBA Legal Services and ALAA 2325
Richard Blum
member, UAW Local 2325
Kristin Pezzuti
UAW Local 2325 member
Daniel Hamburg
The Bronx Defenders
Jennifer Kovacs
Legal aid society
Peter Kennedy Diller
Brooklyn Defender Services
Hilda Chacón
Nazareth College
Hilda Chacón
Nazareth College
Marc L Greenberg
Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing
Tzvi Goldstein
Anna Nathanson
Harvard Law School JD’20
Allen Roskoff
Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
Robert Wells
Steven Sternberg
Joel Salinger
NYSBA, SCBA, SCCBA, SCMBA, NYSACDL, NYSDA, Suffolk County Assigned Defenders Panel, Moose International, BSA,
Rob Katz
Marissa Sherman
Brooklyn Defender Services
Kathryn Levy
Progressive East End Reformers (PEER), New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN)
Lily Chapin
Business owner Nyack NY
Kelly Price
Close Rosies, Village Independent Democrats, Downstate Coalition for Crime Victims, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association;
Nuni Montaigne
Brooklyn Defender Services
Elizabeth Fischer
Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
Joseph J Sackman
Long Island Activists / NYPAN
Sara Molinaro
Brooklyn Defender Services
Nicole Guerrero
Brooklyn Defender Services
Rachel Goodman
Brooklyn Defender Services
Shoshana Finkel
Brooklyn Law School
Juan Parcero
Brooklyn Defender Services
Nancy Little
The Legal Aid Society
Angelica Juarbe Santaliz
Brooklyn Defender Services
Melissa Accomando
Brooklyn Defender Services
Alexandra Dougherty
Brooklyn Defender Services
Greg Zak
Former Nassau County Legal Aid Society
Shelle Shimizu
Brooklyn Defender Services
Jamie Burke
Brooklyn Defender Services
Dipona Bandy
Brooklyn Defender Services
Alyssa Briody
Brooklyn Defender Services
Edward Mandery
Brooklyn Defender Services
Finn Collom
Leticia N Hernandez
Brooklyn Defender Services
Brooklyn Defender Services
Brooklyn Defender Services
Arielle James
Brooklyn Defender Services
Alison Stocking
Brooklyn Defender Services
Lindsey Buller
Brooklyn Defender Services
Joe Kral
Brooklyn Defender Services
Kevin Gunther
BROOKLYN Defender Services
The Foti Law Firm
Samuel Hamilton
Brooklyn Defender Services
Nora Offen
Brooklyn Defender Services
Andrew Lyubarsky
Brooklyn Defender Services
Lili Giacoma
Brooklyn Defender Services
Juliana Wishne
Brooklyn Defender Services